Kenny G Product Testimonals
Jan. 28, 2017
Hi Rheuben,
I just received my new ES Soprano Sax today. I was totally impressed with quality and feel of this soprano sax. I was use to playing a Yamaha YAS-61 and I parted with it in early 2000. Shortly after I bought a cheap soprano and got totally discouraged from playing the sax after that purchase because it was so difficult to play. I recently went to see Kenny G here in Hawaii during the New Years and got inspired to try and play the sax again. I saw your Kenny G line of saxophones and it seemed worth the risk to try,hoping that my cheap soprano was my reason why I quit playing. I unpacked your sax and the fingering and feel was perfect! this sax was soooo much easier to play than my cheap Soprano. I am very pleased with my purchase.
Thank you,