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NAMM 2016 Booth 2711 Hall D

NAMM 2016 Booth 2711 Hall D.. If you are attending NAMM 2016 please stop and visit us.

We will have the saxophones on display and can answer any questions you have about the saxophones.  Kenny is going to try to attend the show.

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GVI Saxophones

GVI Saxophones will be available in early 2016.  These saxophones are the top line instruments in the Kenny G Line of saxophones.  The bodies of thee saxophones are made from 85% copper and have a great tone.  They will be available In LIMITED quantities.
Come visit us at NAMM 2016 Booth 2711

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Why is it harder to play soprano sax than my tenor?

Why is it harder to play soprano sax than my tenor?

Playing the soprano is very different than playing the alto or tenor. The tenor and alto tend to respond with a loose embouchure and many tenor players strive to keep the embouchure loose for a big sound.

Soprano needs a little firmer embouchure to play it well. Not tight so it does not respond but firm mostly for the upper register response.

Fro example when you first play the high notes just pushing the key does not mean the note will come in.. a slight adjustment to the embouchure is necessary.

Also the biggest mistake most players make when trying to play soprano is they do not push the mouthpiece far enough on the neck cork. If the mouthpiece is out a little too far then the bottom of the soprano and sometimes the high notes will not work.

Pushing the mouthpiece in helps on most saxophones for the response. Find what is called the “Sweet Spot” where everything works.

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Why is my saxophone hard to play in the bottom register?

Repair & maintence

Why is my saxophone hard to play in the bottom register?

There are several things that make a saxophone hard to play in the bottom register. The No.1 problem is most saxophone players do not push the mouthpiece on the neck as far as they should. There is place called “The Sweet Spot” on every saxophone neck where the mouthpiece goes that makes everything play great. (Or the best that instruments can play) You must find this “Sweet Spot” and learn to play the saxophone there. So try to push our mouthpiece in a little and see if the bottom register plays better. There are extreme cases when the Bow or bottom of the saxophone is drawn too large and the bottom end tends to bubble or gurgle. If that is the case drop your mouthpiece cap into the bell and se if the bottom stops the gurgle. If it works then you can have your repairman fill the bow and make it slightly smaller. Also if the instrument leaks the bottom might not play well…

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Where are Kenny G saxophones made?

Kenny G

Where are Kenny G saxophones made? The new G-Series saxophones are made by a Taiwan company we do not make any G-Series saxophones in mainland China.

After many years of looking at factories we have chosen a great factory in Taiwan to manufacture the Kenny G Line of saxophones.

We have some saxophones from the old E-series that are still new and play good.  These saxophones are still available on this site under close outs they are sold as is and if there are any defects like small scratches and or show ware and tear we will put that on the page.

Thanks for thinking about Kenny G Saxophones and we hope you will find something that will make you happy.