Kenny and me

Kenny & Me

*Send us a photo of you and Kenny by Dec. 5, 2018 and on Dec. 10th we will have a drawing for a soprano saxophone… that’s right … anyone who sends us a photo of them and Kenny will be entered for the drawing….. must be here by Dec. 5, 2018 to be in the drawing….

Kenny & Me  Well this is a simple page if you have a favorite photo of you and Kenny please send us a copy to: and we will put it up……  Let the world know how much you like Kenny G……
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John “RJ” Tracey
John Tracey


JPR 11.8.18
Saxman jpr an Kenny

Jacobo Camhi 11.10.18
Jacoco Camhi and Kenny

Kenny and Henrietta Merriweather 10.31.18
Henrietta Merriweather

James & Wrenette Weninigar Kenny’s Concert in Montgomery Alabama 10.25.18
James Montgomery

Dan & Sue Jones Ames Center Burnsville, MN 10.14.18
Dan and Sue with Kenny

Taken at the 9/28/18- West Wendover, NV concert with Blaine
Blain and Kenny

Kenny & Randy a saxophone player and retired cop in Bakersfield, California (9.23.18)

Randy and Kenny Bakersfield

Kenny & Fred in Melbourne… that is Melbourne FL….. (Posted 8.9.18) I put their names just in case you could not tell them apart!Kenny & Fred Melbourne

Carolyn and Kenny
Carolyn and kenny 2
Carolyn and Kenny 1

Kenny and Rudy at NAMM

Kenny and Rudy

Kenny and me 2.0
Kenny in Holland