The Kenny  G KGASCL-GVI is our top line saxophone.   It is 85% Copper Body with Brass Keys, a beautiful Champagne finish and full body and key hand engraving.  Here are a few photos that show the new features of this Professional Saxophone:  Click here to purchase the Copper Body G VI Alto Saxophone KGASCL-GVIKGASCL-GVI Front F 2
The Front F Key is positioned so it is not necessary to have the first finger of the left hand come off the pearl to reach the key. This improves access to the Front F and allows the player a great connection from the natural range of the saxophone and the upper harmonic range of the sax.
KGASCL-GVI Front F Side View
The arch in the Front F key once again allows a greater access to using the key.
Kenny G KGASCL_GVI Copper Alto Saxophone
In this view you can see the newly designed High F-Sharp and Trill or Fork F-Sharp keys by Rheuben Allen.  Not much finger movement necessary to access the keys…