KGSSLS-ES Soprano Saxophone

KGSSLS-ES Soprano Saxophone is our new educational level soprano. We will be introducing it at the Shanghai Show and the NAMM show in Jan. 2017
*They will be available at the end 2016 in a very limited amount.

We have redesigned the key board to a complete modern keyboard to make it easier for players to switch between soprano and the other saxophones.

The body of the soprano is Silver Plated for better response and the keys are lacquered.

The soprano is a one piece body. We chose single post construction in the tradition of the great early free playing saxophones by Conn, Buescher and King.  The single post construction allow the instrument again to vibrate freely and respond quickly. This soprano is good for all types of music and will last for many years.

*The soprano is currently in early prototype production and I will post when it will be available for sale. I will also post photos when they are available…..