NAMM 2017 Photos

Well after many hours of trying to figure out how to get all the products into NAMM & setting up displays.. Once again it came to me in a dream…  My friend Paul who is a great woodworker made this thing for me and it is great. It works both as a beautiful display and as a giant box to put the products into.

Kenny G Saxophone Booth at NAMM 2017

Kenny & Rheuben NAMM 2017

Kenny & I talk about the new 85% Copper / Champagne Finish Alto GVI

Of course Kenny had a lot of fans stop by and take photos with him.  Nancy was one of them…..

Kenny & Rick Izumi at the booth.  Rick ran the booth at NAMM 2017

Kenny seems to have a good time no matter where he is… NAMM checking the new 85% Copper, Champagne Finish
B-Flat straight soprano saxophone….