ES-Series Alto Saxophone


Available now…. great single post construction alto saxophone
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Rheuben talks about the ES-Series Alto & Tenors

Brand Name: Kenny G
Product: Kenny G E-Series E-Flat Alto Saxophone
Model No.: KGAS-ES
Material: Brass
Finish: Silver Plated Body, Neck and Bell Section, Lacquered Main Body and Keys
Engraving: Full Body and Key Hand Engraving
Case: Shaped Cordura Cover, Shoulder Straps
MSRP: $2,995.00
Available exclusively on $1,995.00

The E-Series Kenny G saxophones are available exclusively on  These saxophones feature 2 necks, silver plated body, neck and bell section.  The main difference between the ES saxophones and the GIV saxophones are single post construction.

*Single Post Construction: Each post that holds the keys on the saxophone are soldered directly to the body of the saxophone. Single post construction provides a very quick response throughout the entire range of the saxophone.

*Ribbed Construction: Simple means the post are soldered to a plat and then the plate is soldered to the body of the saxophone.

I my opinion they both have very good qualities and it should be up to the player to decide which is better for them.