Kenny G Cork Grease Made in the USA

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Bakers Dozen only!


Kenny G Cork Grease Made in the USA.

All woodwinds, clarinets, oboes, bassoons and saxophones need and use cork grease.  The Kenny G cork grease is the finest made and it made in the US.

Why do we need cork grease and what are the advantages of using it?

We use cork grease for the joints on woodwind instruments and the neck cork on saxophones.  The cork must be in good shape to seal properly and make the instrument work correctly.  If you do not take the instrument apart or leave the mouthpiece on the neck all the time, the cork will become glossy and not seal properly causing the instrument not to play at its best.  The corks need to breath to keep the proper fit and to last longer. The better the cork grease the less you need to use.

Kenny G Cork Grease Made in the USA


*Since cork is becoming less and less available around the world making the corks last longer cane be a small part of not using up all the cork as fast as we are going.  Do your part of the planet!

*Because we offer free shipping in the continental US we only sell the cork grease in a “Bakers Dozen” 13 cork greases in the package. Making them $1.15 each instead of the single cork grease price of $2.99 great savings.