KGTSLS-GIV G-Series Tenor Saxophones

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G-Series Professional Alto Saxophones


KGTSLS-GIV G-Series Tenor Saxophones are the Professional saxophones designed by Rheuben Allen and Kenny G.  This is the last in the line of Kenny G saxophones and are the best we have designed and made to date.
Kenny G G-Series Tenor Saxophones

Features 2 Finishes: 1st all Light Gold Lacquer the 2nd has a lacquered main body and keys with a Silver Plated Neck, Bell and Bow sections.
Kenny G G-Series Tenor Saxophones
The G-Series Tenors come with 2 necks: 1st with a traditional neck brace and the 2nd with a Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power Neck Brace. The Freedom/Power neck brace removes a lot of the solder found under the traditional neck brace and allows the instrument to be free and have a great response.
Kenny G G-Series Tenor Saxophones

Case: The case is made of wood and has room for the many accessories you need to carry.


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