KGASL-EIV Lacquered Alto Saxophone

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KGASL-EIV Lacquered Alto Saxophone
Saxophone Specifications:
Brand Name: Kenny G
Product: E-Series IV Alto Saxophone
Key: E-Flat
Model No.:   KGASL-EIV
Retail: $2,195.00 Price:  $1,295.00
Material:  Brass
Finish:  Lacquered Body & Keys
Mouthpiece: Kenny G Acoustic Plastic Alto Sax Mouthpiece Made in the USA
Mouthpiece Cap: Plastic to help prevent damage to the tip of the mouthpiece
Mouthpiece Ligature: Traditional Design Alto Saxophone Ligature
Cleaning Cloth: Standard Cleaning cloth
Cork Grease: Kenny G cork grease made in the US
Case: Wood case.
LIMITED Warranty:  Check Warranty Policy on this site.

The KGASLS-EIV are great alto saxophones, they are made by a TAIWAN company and the quality is excellent.  After years of developing saxophones and looking for the perfect manufacturer, things have come together.

They are new saxophone and just a model we will no longer manufacture.

KGASL-EIV E-Series Alto Saxophones are the Professional saxophones designed by Rheuben Allen and Kenny G.

Alto Saxophone Comparison Chart:

KGASL-EIV  Kenny G Lacquered Alto Saxophone w/ 2 necks…  $ 1,995.00
KGASLS-GEIV Kenny G Lacquer & Silver Alto Sax w/ 2 necks…     $ 1,295.00

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