KGSSCL-GVI St. Soprano 85% Copper

$4,495.00 $3,146.50

85% Copper has a great sound and response.


KGSSCL-GVI  St. Soprano 85% Copper
We will be introducing this product at the NAMM show in 2016 Booth #2711. Thus is a very exciting new product that we fell you will really like.  We have chosen to make the body from 85% copper, use a great Champagne Lacquer Finish, ribbed construction,  newly designed High F-Sharp key and the same great design as the G-IV sopranos.

What does Copper do to the sound of the saxophone?  This is a very loaded question… there are as many answers as there are people answering the question.  It is darker, it is richer, it is more resonating, it looks great and the answers go on and on.  I really like the sound of the Copper but as everyone else does I pretty much sound the same.. it just feels batter to play.

They are complete unique in design and performance as are all of the G-Series Sopranos. The Patent Pending held by designer Rheuben Allen shows the design combining the modern sopranos and the original Mark VI Selmer soprano like the one Kenny plays.

Kenny G G-series Soprano Saxophones Features: The Palm Keys and upper stack are modern traditional designs and the lower stack and left hand little finger keys are patterned after the original Mark VI. Again this design makes this a completely unique design.

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