Rheuben Allen Managing Partner

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Rheuben Allen Managing Partner:  As managing partner of A&K Global Enterprises, Inc it is the job of Rheuben Allen to design the products take them to Kenny and get his feed back and make any changes Kenny suggest.  Do the day to day business of the company like: contact clients, work on instrument designs and product improvement, find and create new products, check all the instruments that come into the US for Kenny and making sure the factories are on schedule on the production of the Kenny G Saxophones.

Over the past 7 years we have had some ups and downs with the production of the saxophones.  We of course are not the first company to start off with instruments that did not match up to the quality we had hoped.  The first YAMAHA saxophones that came into the US were not very good and now they are one of the top manufacture of quality saxophones. YANAGASIWA and JUPIRT did not start off with a bang.
We are happy to now have some of the best saxophones on the market and they can compete with an other brand name saxophones.  We have the G-Series soprano and it has a design that no other soprano saxophone features (Rheuben Allen holds the Patent Pending on the design in the US).
Basically the left hand of a modern soprano and the right hand of the older Mark VI.

We think if you try the new G-Series saxophones you will find them to be everything you need in a Professional saxophone.

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