You & Your KG Sax

You & Your Kenny G Sax!

You & Your KG Sax    All types and levels of players play Kenny G Saxophoines… we’re going to show a few on this page and if you play a Kenny G saxophone and want your photo here just send it to me.
*For your privacy we will only use first names and no locations unless you want the information on the pager! By sending the photo to Kenny G Saxophones ? A&K Global Enterprises, Inc. you agree to and give us your permission to have you photo posted on this site.
Jan. 19, 2019
Julie Kidd from Clearwater Beach, Flordia with her new Kenny G GIV alto sax
Julie Kidd Clearwater Bweach Fl

Lee Williams Kenny G Soprano


Charles plays a Kenny G Soprano
This is Charles playing his new Kenny G ES Soprano Saxophone with a Silver Plated Body and Lacquered Keys. He also uses a Kenny G Hard Rubber soprano Mouthpiece.

Jimmy and his Kenny G Saxophone on the Voice
Jimmy and his Kenny G Saxophone on the Voice