Kenny G Saxophones


Kenny & me at NAMM

Posted by rheuben on July 6, 2020

This is Kenny & me at the NAMM show… Kenny is chedking out his new 85% Copper alto saxophone… I am sure I am saying something very smart……

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Kenny G Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Posted by rheuben on July 4, 2020

Kenny G Acoustic Plastic alto saxophone mouthpieces are not only priced right but they pay great… The Kenny G saxophone mouthpieces are made here in the US and provide saxophone players of all levels a mouthpiece they can depend on… they are also reed friendly and have a beautiful tone… there is no better saxophone […]

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Posted by rheuben on July 3, 2020

A good woodwind repairman can repair almost all woodwinds… if you specialize like I do in saxophones and clarinets then you get better at doing them…. But once in a while you need to help a school or young player out…. this was one of those times…..

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KG Soprano Mouthjpiece

Posted by rheuben on July 2, 2020

The Kenny G Hard Rubber Power Chamber soprano saxophone is a very unique mouthpiece. It is of course Hard rubber and I designed it with the same inside chamler and facing Kenny uses. It has a great powerful soud and is easier to play than the metal mouthpiece…. We also have the same design with […]

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Open Again

Posted by rheuben on July 1, 2020

We are open for business…. mask and appointment required…. even in these times of big BS we need to try to keep a normal life…. again, “The New Normal” sucks… I am already tired of 57 guys playing solos over the same song from their bedrooms… it is a good time to spend learning new […]

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Kenny is always in the company of beautiful women

Posted by rheuben on June 28, 2020

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Kenny has fans of all ages

Posted by rheuben on June 27, 2020

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Play-Along with Kenny CD

Posted by rheuben on June 25, 2020

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