KENNY G Saxophones

Kenny G Soprano sax drawing

Don’t forget to send me a photo of you and Kenny to get in on the soprano saxophone drawing Dec. 7, 2018… must receive photo by Dec. 5,2018.. Will announce the drawing winner on Dec. 9, 2018.

Me and Kenny… I guess it is really you and Kenny….

Back to school with Kenny G

Back to school with Kenny G…. we want to make it easier for the young saxophone player that need a great soprano so they can be in the Jazz Band… now most alto and tenor players in big bands need to play and have a soprano saxophone. Our Back to school with Kenny G  offers our great ES Lacquered soprano saxophone at less that half the MSRP so students and parents can afford to get one.
ES Lacquered Straight Soprano Saxophone KGSSL-ES

New Kenny G Low A Baritone Saxophone

We are introducing the new Kenny G Low A Baritone Saxophone at NAMM Jan. 19th-22nd in Anaheim Ca. This KGBSLS-GIV has a Silver Plated Bell, Bow and neck with full body and key hand engraving.

ES Series Soprano Saxophone

We will be introducing the new ES series soprano saxophones at the NAMM show in Jan. (19th-22nd) in Anaheim California. We will be in Hall D Booth 2905..

Kenny G Professional Saxophones

We are introducing the new Kenny G GVI Professional 85% Copper with Champagne finish saxophones at the Shanghai Show this week.
Soprano Saxophone KGSSCL-GVI
Alto Saxophone KGASCL-GVI
Tenor Saxophone KGTSCL-GVI

We are also introducing the KGSSSL-ES Educational Series Soprano saxophones these soprano will sell for $1,295.00

New Copper Saxophones NAMM 2016

We will be introducing the new G-Series 85% Copper Body saxophones and the new G-Series Mouthpiece at NAMM in 2017.  We will also show the current G-Series saxophones and any other new accessories we have in development.
Kenny NAMM

Public Notice

Public Notice: 4.28.2016

There are manufactures in Mainland China making saxophones with the Kenny G name on them.  These Kenny G saxophones are not authorized by Kenny G, Rheuben Allen and/or A & K Global Enterprises, Inc. the parent company for Kenny G saxophones.


The Chinese government does not regulate or protect the use of names and anyone can use any name they want on a product. The government offers no protection for names or designs.
These companies sell these instruments keeping the money and the quality is very poor.

A & K Global Enterprises, Inc. does not warranty any of these instruments nor do we authorize their manufacture or the use of the brand name Kenny G.

The only way to get a real Kenny G Saxophone is to purchase it from an authorized dealer and those names are on for the US market.



Rheuben Allen Managing Partner &

On Behalf of A & K Global Enterprises, Inc. and Kenny G Saxophones

GVI Saxophones are coming

GVI Saxophones are coming soon.  We have the new kenny G G-VI LIMITED Edition in production and should have them available in early 2016…  keep checking this site for updates.

GVI Saxophones

GVI Saxophones will be available in early 2016.  These saxophones are the top line instruments in the Kenny G Line of saxophones.  The bodies of thee saxophones are made from 85% copper and have a great tone.  They will be available In LIMITED quantities.
Come visit us at NAMM 2016 Booth 2711

Why is it harder to play soprano sax than my tenor?

Why is it harder to play soprano sax than my tenor?

Playing the soprano is very different than playing the alto or tenor. The tenor and alto tend to respond with a loose embouchure and many tenor players strive to keep the embouchure loose for a big sound.

Soprano needs a little firmer embouchure to play it well. Not tight so it does not respond but firm mostly for the upper register response.

Fro example when you first play the high notes just pushing the key does not mean the note will come in.. a slight adjustment to the embouchure is necessary.

Also the biggest mistake most players make when trying to play soprano is they do not push the mouthpiece far enough on the neck cork. If the mouthpiece is out a little too far then the bottom of the soprano and sometimes the high notes will not work.

Pushing the mouthpiece in helps on most saxophones for the response. Find what is called the “Sweet Spot” where everything works.