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Now that Kenny is not on the road playing concerts we cannot have the Kenny & Me contest…

Lyn, Lisa, Kenny.2

So, we have an alternate drawing… if you want to join our mailing list for Kenny G Saxophones you will be entered in a drawing for a Kenny G soprano saxophone to be help on Dec. 10, 2020… as a part of the “Kenny G Saxophone Family” you will receive specials on saxophones that no one else will get….. we will let you know what Kenny is up to, and when we have new products available… become a part of the “Kenny G Saxophone Family” by just sending me an email at I would like to be a part of the “Kenny G Saxophone Family” please add me to you mailing list and enter my name in the saxophone drawing. And please tell us a little about yourself… things like age, do you play the sax, what state are you in…..
I am looking forward to hearing from you soon……. ***Any and all information will be kept private… no information provided will be shared with anyone…..
P.S. When you purchase any product from Kenny G Saxophone you will be entered in the drawing and added to the “Kenny G Saxophone Family” program