Saxophone Repair Department

Welcome to the Kenny G Saxophone Repair Department and Warranty Center….. These Departments are overseen by Rheuben Allen a world respeted clarinet and saxophone designer and repairman…. his Sax Shop has had many of the worlds greatest saxophone players as repair clients ….

Our warehouse in Torrance CA is the best place to have you Kenny G Saxophone overhauled and/or serviced… after all we are the designers and manufacturers of the saxophones….

“Complete Mechanical Overhaul & Repad” (We do not do relacquer work)

The saxophone is completely disassembled…
Tone holes are check to make sure they are level so the pad can seat properly
All corks and felts are replaced. We use the highest quality cork available.

All rods are cleaned
Rod receivers and cleaned inside and out
Pads are removed and replaced with the best Italian saxophone pads available.

  • You may choose different tone boosters… Original, Selmer Style Round Plastic, Hollywood Metal

Body & Neck are hand washed inside and out with a light soap and cool water so as not to change the lacquer or plating.
All keys are also hand washed with a light soap and cool water so as not to change the lacquer or plating.
Saxophone is reassembled
Pad heights are adjusted to insure the best response and tone of the saxophone
Saxophone is play tested

*All adjustments, cleanings etc. are billed at $100.00 per hour….

ES-Series, GIV-Series & Original Kenny G Saxophones
Soprano Saxophone $ 1,295.00
Alto Saxophones $ 1,195.00
Tenor Saxophones $ 1,295.00
Baritone Saxophones $ 1,695.00

GVI-Series Copper Saxophones
Soprano Saxophone $ 1,495.00
Alto Saxophones $ 1,295.00
Tenor Saxophones $ 1,495.00

“Kenny G Family” Members save 20% on all repair services….

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