Music Studies

On this page we feqture exercises & studies for the saxophone & clarinet…. even though we are  saxophone company we do know the value of a good doubler…..

Saxophone Studies…

Palm Key Studies 2 for saxophones
July 23, 2021

Circle of 5ths all saxophones
Major and relative minor keys
July 21, 2021

Major Scales for Saxophone
Natural Range Major Scales
July 19, 2021

Whole Tone Studies 2
July 8, 2021
While Tone Scales in all keys…

Ledger Line studies
July 7, 2021
See the extreme ledger lines and their names.

Interval Names Circle of 5ths
July 6, 2021
See the names of all the intervals in every key…

Sax Interval studies Low B-flat
July 6 , 2021
Play from low B-Flat to every other note on the saxophone… Both the natural range and the altissimo…..

Clarinet studies…. 

July 11, 2021
Full Range Clarinet Thirds…

Over the break
July 11, 2021
We all know how hard the break of th clarinet can be….. I wrote these exercises to help me… and they do…