“Concert Series” Saxophones

$2,695.00 $1,495.00

The “Concert Series” line of saxophones are made exclusively for Kenny to have at his concerts… So, we used the name “Concert Series” .. Due to Kenny not being on the road at the moment he wants to offer these saxophones to you from our site. We are going to start with the Soprano Saxophone. 
The “Concert Series” soprano has a Silver-plated Body with Gold Lacquered Keys… the logo of course says “Concert Series”

These sopranos were designed by Kenny and me to match the modern saxophone keyboard so it is easy for players to switch between the soprano and the alto or tenor saxes. These are great playing sopranos….


Concert Series Logo

Modern Plam Key Design
Range to High F-Sharp
Modern Left Hand Little Finger Keys Design
Silver-Plated Body with Lacquer Keys
Case features shoulder and Back Pack Strapd


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