KENNY G Saxophones

ES-Series Straight Soprano Saxphone


$2,495.00 $1,695.00

The ES-Series is the latest in the line of Kenny G Saxophones.

Single Post Construction for quick response
One Pice Body for better response
Shaped wood case with shoulder and back pack straps
Silver-Plated Main Body and Lacquered Keys
Full Body Hand engraving
*All saxophone designs, plating choices & key designs are approved by Kenny G before they are put into production. Kenny’s input is very important in the designa of the saxophones.

With the soprano’s I silver-plate the complete body and leave the keys lacquered.

*By leaving the keys lacquered the saxophone is easier to take care of and keep looking good than, if the saxophone is completely silver-plated… it has about 95% of the same tone and response caricaturists of the completely silver-plated saxophones.

*Over the years of being a saxophone repairman I have tried many different combinations of plating’s on saxophones… One of the combinations that received the most positive response was the combination of Silver-Plating the Bell, Bow and neck of the saxophone leaving the rest lacquered…. I did many YANAGISAWA Baritones, Several Selmer Mark VI Tenors and Altos and a few other brands….. After the great response and never any negative feedback I decided to make the ES & GIV saxophones with this combination of lacquer and silver-plating. In addition to helping the response of the instrument they look beautiful…..

Comparing the ES Series Kenny G Soprano Saxophone to the GIV & GVI soprano saxophones:

I am asked this question a lot… and will explain the main differences in the sopranos,

I designed the GIV & GVI sopranos using the left-hand little finger keys patterned after the Mark VI soprano saxophone. Kenny likes this style of key design…..
I used modern key designs for the Palm keys so it would be easier to go between the soprano and other saxophones.
I extended the range of the GIV & GVI to High G… there are 2 keys in the location for the High

F-Sharp and G…
The GIV has a brass body and keys with a silver-plated body and lacquered keys
The GVI has as 85% coper body with brass keys and a champagne lacquer finish

The ES-Series is a completely different soprano….
I designed it will all modern keys.. the left-hand little finger keys are the same design as Selmer and most modern saxophones. This makes it much easier to switch between saxophones.

I shortened the length of the soprano and reduced the range to High F-Sharp for more durability and consistent quick response

The ES has a brass body and keys with a silver-plated body and lacquered keys

I personal like this soprano for all around playing and going between all the saxophones….

Rheuben Allen

Managing Partner of A&K Global Enterprise, Inc. AKA: Kenny G Saxophones
Designer of the Kenny G line of saxophones