Family Special Jan. EIII Lacquered Soprano Sax

$2,995.00 $1,046.50

Never a better time to purchase a Kenny G Top Line GIV soprano and save big time!  you save $448.50 over outr already low price
This is the same as our GIV Silver-plated body soprano but in all lacquer and they were marked with an old  logo…. they are new and play beautifully…. LIMITED Number fo these sopranos!
“Kenny G Family” Members ONLY!


Get the top line Kenny G GIV soprano saxophone at a unbelievable price!

They are the same as our Kenny G GIV Series sopranos…. our professional sopranos…. just we do not make the lacquered soprano any longer…. and they have the Kenny G EIII Series logo…..

I have a few B-flat soprano saxophones that are complete lacquered….they are new and play great…. we do not make the lacquered model sopranos…. they will be available to Kenny G Saxophone Family Members as long as they last… I will not be making more…..

Beautiful Gold Lacquer
Hand Engraging
Range to High G
Modern palm key designs, Left hand Selmer Style little finger keys
Wood Case with Back Pack and Shoulder Strap features


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