KENNY G Saxophones

GVI-Series 85% Copper Tenor Saxophone


$6,995.00 $3,995.00

The KGTSCL-GVI copper tenor saxophone is our top of the line tenor saxophone. Must try to believe the way it plays……
*Why should I purchase the copper tenor from the Torrance location?
Neck Selection:  You can try several different necks to find the one that works best for you.
Of Course you can try more than one tenor.
You can try the ootional heavy neck screw designed by Rheuben Allen
You can try the RheubenAllen 92% Copper tenor neck with sliding weight system.
Kenny G Delivery Truck

Brand Name:      Kenny G
Product:               85% Copper Tenor Saxophone
Model No
85% Copper Main Body and Neck with Brass Keys
Champagne Lacquer
Hand Engraved Neck and Brace, Full Body and Key Engraving
Shaped Wood Case with Back Pack and Shoulder Strap

The KGTSCL-GVI copper tenor saxophone is our top of the line tenor saxophone.
The main body and neck are made from 85% copper for a great tone color and the keys are made from brass for strength.
It features:
2 necks: 1 with a traditional neck brace and 1 with the Rheuben Allen Freedom/Power neck brace.
Rheuben Allen high F# and trill F# key design

Rheuben Allen designed Front F key (Harmonic Key)
Beautiful Champagne Lacquer
Full body and key hand engraving

Shaped case for easy carrying
Kenny G Mouthpiece made in the US

Saxophone strap
Cork Grease
Mouthpiece Cap and Ligature

Is the saxophone neck important?

The simple answer is yes it is very important.  He neck does many things for the saxophone.
* Provides the response of the saxophone.
* Helps control the intonation of the saxophone.
* It is instrumental in the tone color or sound of the saxophone.
Many players, designers and repair techs believe it is the most important part of the saxophone and I tend to agree with them.

What are the different differences in the saxophone necks.
* Thickness of the brass cooper, sterling silver or other material used in the making of the neck.
* Plating or Lacquer – A lacquered neck has a sound, a silver plated neck has a sound and response unto itself or bare brass.

Lacquer: The tone and response are different between the older lacquers with the Gold Leaf in them, clear Lacquer and epoxy lacquers.

Plating:  I hear many people say Silver Plating is brighter, whatever that means, and Gold Plating is Darker.  Hard to make such a general statement…  the amount of silver-plating on the saxophone makes the tone and response.  Not much plating and the instrument usually plays a little brighter(?). But silver also vibrates differently than Lacquer so the more vibration might be what players call brighter.
Gold-Plating also has many things that will make it play one way or the other.
* Is the Gold put on over Silver-Plating?

* Is the Gold put over Copper-Plating?
* I the Gold put straight to the brass? Many trumpet players like this but the Gold wares off very easily.

 I personally think the Gold-Plating give the instrument a more centered, focused and more directional sound. Many players when they plate their saxophones or necks want to use a lot of plating, the more the plating the less vibration.

I can say from experience that I have never plated a saxophone neck that did not play better for both me and the player I plated the neck for….