Kenny G US Made Hard Rubber Soprano Sax Mouthpieces

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The Kenny G Traditional Soprano Saxophne Mouthpiece is Hard Rubber with of course a traditional chamber design (no baffel in the chamber)  it has a great response, good intonation. The mouthpiece comes with a Rovner Ligature and Cap….
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The Kenny G Professional Hard rubber Soprano Saxophone mouthpieces made in the US are available in two different chambers:   They c0me with a Rovner Ligature and Cap…..

The Power Chamber (KGSSMpP) like Kenny plays: The Power Chamber has the same chamber in it thatr Kenny uses in his mouthpiece…. It comes in the facing Kenny uses only….. it has power, control and great intonation….

The traditional chamber model (KGSSMpT): This mouthpoiece of course has a traditional design for the chamber no baffle in the chamber….

Testimonials from clients

I thank GOD for Rheuben Allen Partners with Kenny G who Kindly and Gladly sells Kenny G Traditional and Power Chamber Soprano Mouthpieces. They are so in Tune and the Sound is Rich and Brilliantly Beautiful. They are the Best Soprano Mouthpieces in the World by Far…
JOSEPH SPINNER – Philadelphia, PA

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Kenny G Soprano Mouthpiece

Power Chamber, Traditional Chamber


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