Saxophone History

Kenny soprano comparrison 1
Kenny always checked all the prototype saxophones and gabve us is input…….
Kenny G Soprano fingering comparrison
Kenny showing how to change the left hand little finger keys to match his soprano better.
Sop design explanation 1

We staerted the company a little over 10 years ago….

Kenny G Saxophone development and history…

Kenny was visiting my shop at the musician’s union in Los Angeles and saw a couple of saxophone I had designed and made.
He told me he had been asked by another company to use his name on a saxophone and they were going to give him 2 saxophones….
I said why don’t we make a saxophone and split the money…. He said “Let me think about it” he came back to pick up his saxophone and said let’s do it…. that is how we started the partnership and the development of the saxophones.
My good friend Wilt Chamberlain said “an opportunity comes by and you either take it now or it may not be there tomorrow……   I decides to take this one…..

I knew it would be hard to get a good saxophone unless I visited the factories myself……
I closed my shop at the union and moved to Mainland China to visit a couple of factories I knew a little about.

Of course, they gave me a lot of BS about how great they could make the saxophones… So, I took one of Kenny’s soprano over to make a copy…. Well of course the first series of soprano was not even close. Wrong length. Pads did not close and in general it really sucked….. So, I spent a lot of time and money trying to get them to make it right…..

The main problem when working with a Chinese factory in Main China is they think they know all about instruments and make some of the worst instruments on the planet. So, we talked and they told me they could make a great soprano but I need to pay $100 more than anyone else to get the work done right…. Well once again, the saxes sucked and all I got was a bigger bill….

I set up a work shop at one of the factories and had three women that worked for me and we had to re-due every soprano to get hem close…. Now not only and I paying top dollar for the saxes but I am paying 3 women to re-due them…. We got them kind of ok but it was a lot of work… By this time, I had completely moved to China…. Still could not get a product I liked and we could put Kenny’s name on comfortably…..

I started looking for other factories all over mainland China and visited Taiwan factories…. to make a long story shorter….. the Taiwan factories were so much better I decided to move the production to a Taiwan company.

All Kenny G saxophones are now made by the Taiwan company and are among the best in the world…. We offer many features exclusive to the Kenny G line of saxophones…..

Public Notice:

The other thing about doing business in mainland China is the government does not provide foreign manufactures with any protection at all….. We now have a company (JINYIN) that makes and sells over 1,000 Kenny G saxophones a year and we get nothing…..  this has been going on for over 6 years now….. They tell people and customers they paid us a lot of money so they could make the saxophones…. This is completely untrue….

In business it is hard to trust the Chinese…… or any big business worldwide.

Beijing soprano saxophone donation
Korea Trade Show
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