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KG Black & Silver alto
Special Alto Sax… Black Nickel with Silver Plated Original Kenny G Alto Sax… only 1 left!…riginal-alto-sax/ ‎
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Hope everyone is hanging in with all the problems in the US right now…. we are still here and it is a great time to take up the saxophone… after all practicing a musical instruments is something we do alone…. so, learning the saxophone is a great thing to enjoy yourself doing in a time when we spend a lot of time alone… and it is a lot of fun…. we need to find positive things to do with ourselves… besides setting on our butts watching sports… and I must admit I do spend a lot of time on my butt….. just cannot help myself I love watching sports….

EIII Soprano Full

We have a few of our top line soporano saxophones in lacquer that were mismarked with the EIII logo…. they are our best soporano but we do not make them in lacquer and of course it has the incorrect stamp of the logo… they are new and play great… I will also include the Kenny G Hard Rubber Power Chamber monthpiece ($295.0) at no extra cost to you….. LIMITED and only $1,495.00 
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