Kenny G Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpieces / Kenny G ABS Alto & Tenor Mouthpieces


The Kenny G Power Chamber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece is made of Hard Rubber here in the US.
The Power Chamber is the same chamber Kenny uses in his mouthpiece only the material is different… this mouthpiece has a great sound and control.
The Kenny G Traditional Chamber Soprano Saxophone Muthpiece is of course a traditional chamber design without the inside wedge and has a more traditional feel and sound…..

The Kenny G Alto & Tenor Saxopones are made in the USA… these mouthpieces are made of ABS and are designed to allow the player to have a great respone and tone color (Sound)….

*All Kenny G Saxophone mouthpieces are made in the USA!

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Soprano Power Chamber, Soprano Traditional Chamber, ABS Alto, ABS Tenor