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CSB2 interview and story about Rheuben Allen & Kenny G Saxophone

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Posted 10.30.20
*One of the questions I am asked most is “Where are Kenny G Saxophones made?” All Kenny G Saxophones are made by a Taiwan factory we do not make any Kenny G Saxophones in Mainland china…. there are many fake Kenny G Saxophones made and sold by Chinese companies without our permission…. The Chinese government does not recognize trademarks or names … anyone in China can make anything with any name on them they like…. Government does not want or care to keep reationships with US companies good… there are people in China making a selling my new patented neck in the US from China without my permission and without me getting anything…. do not have your products made in China….. and even if you don’t they will steal them….very bad business….
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Posted 10.19.20…
We have a few of our top line soporano saxophones in lacquer that were mismarked with the EIII logo…. they are our best soporano but we do not make them in lacquer and of course it has the incorrect stamp of the logo… they are new and play great… I will also include the Kenny G Hard Rubber Power Chamber monthpiece ($295.0) at no extra cost to you….. LIMITED to stock on hand… (ONLY 4 – Only 2 left… SOLD 2) and only $1,495.00 
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