Saxophone Single Post Construction

Saxophone Single Post Construction:

Single Post Construction simply means the post are soldered directly to the body of the saxophone.  Many of the great saxophones of the past and present are made using the single post… Conn, Buescher, King, Keilwerth and others all used singe post construction…

Are there advantages to the single post construction…..

  1. There is less solder on the body of the saxophone….
  2. It is easy to remove damaged or rusted rods by simple unsoldering a post then you can grip the rod and help remove it…. (This cannot be done with ribbed construction)
  3. Many player and manufacturer believe the saxophones with single post vibrate more than the ribbed saxophones… this is very hard to prove…..
    4.         It is easier to remove dents from the body on a single post saxophone….

*Personally I like the single post construction and feel the saxophones are more responsive and have a great tone color. Many great saxopone players use both Single Post and Ribbed saxophones.