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Crawfordsville Middle School

The Moment

Crawfordville Middle SCHOOL PHOTO 1

Crawfordsville Community Schools band director, Mr. Eddie Guanajuato proudly displays the Soprano Saxophone in his classroom!

The “Moment” a “Songbird” came to the Band Department at Crawfordsville Middle School

Crawfordsville Middle School recently won a Kenny G, Concert Series Soprano Saxophone, autographed by Kenny G himself.  Kenny G is a Grammy-winning, and one of the top-selling, instrumental musicians of our time. He started playing saxophone at the age of 10 in his middle school band and is currently on tour in 2020.  Kenny visited central Indiana in September and raffled off this fine, Soprano Saxophone at a concert with the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra during their ever-popular, Symphony on the Prairie. The raffle winner of the Kenny G Soprano Sax donated it to Musicians’ Repair and Sales, an Indianapolis family-owned and operated repair and sales shop.  Musicians’ Repair and Sales services Crawfordsville Middle and High School’s band department instruments. Before Christmas break, CMS band students entered a contest hosted by Musicians’ Repair and Sales. The students were asked to write an essay explaining why their school and band department could benefit from winning a Kenny G Soprano Saxophone.   Hayden Jeffries and Elizabeth Turner, 8th-grade band students at CMS, wrote about not having enough instruments for their growing band. Hayden said, “We have set a goal to have a state championship band!” while Elizabeth wrote, “One soprano sax could help someone in our band. We don’t have a soprano sax at all.” Mr. Guanajuato and the CMS band are striving for big things.  This instrument can help bring their sound to the next level. Music education enriches lives. Winning this saxophone could be “The Moment” that could change the dream of one Crawfordsville child. As many of you know, many professional music performers say they want to give back to keep music alive in their school, but after 31 years of teaching, Mr. Guanajuato said that he has never been the recipient of such generosity until now!   Thank you to the anonymous donor and to Musicians’ Repair and Sales for the excitement that this beautiful saxophone has provided for our school.  There is so much negativity going on in our world, but this one instrument is going to be a symbol of hope! Mr. Guanajuato hopes that a student will be able to perform with it very soon!    

Article written by Emily Fullenwider, CMS Guidance and Athletic Secretary 

The “Moment” a “Songbird” came to the Band Department at Crawfordsville Middle School

Crawfordville Middle SCHOOL
Indiana still has music in the public schools

“The Moment”, an instrumental single released by Kenny G in late 1990’s. 

US Post Office

The US Post Office has seen fit to deny the claim for a Kenny G Saxopone they lost and delivered to the wrong address. I have shipped over 150 saxophones, paid for the insurance and never before made a claim….. I paid for the insurance in “Good Faith” and they took the money…..

ES-Series Saxophones

The new ES-Series altos and tenors are perfect for all saxophone payers. They feature many of the same features as our GIV & GVI saxophones. The real difference is the single post construction… it allows the saxophone to vibrate more and product a very strong tone. Still features 2 necks, Silver-Plated Bell. Bow and Neck, easy access high F# and Trill F# keys and a great front F key design.
*When you purchase the saxophone in our warehouse in Torrance, we offer a great neumber of necks to try so you can find the one that is perfect for you.

Kenny G ES-Series Tenor Saxophone

Rheuben talks about the Kenny G ES-Series Alto & Tenor Saxes

Kenny G Soprano sax drawing

Don’t forget to send me a photo of you and Kenny to get in on the soprano saxophone drawing Dec. 7, 2018… must receive photo by Dec. 5,2018.. Will announce the drawing winner on Dec. 9, 2018.

Me and Kenny… I guess it is really you and Kenny….

Back to school with Kenny G

Back to school with Kenny G…. we want to make it easier for the young saxophone player that need a great soprano so they can be in the Jazz Band… now most alto and tenor players in big bands need to play and have a soprano saxophone. Our Back to school with Kenny G  offers our great ES Lacquered soprano saxophone at less that half the MSRP so students and parents can afford to get one.
ES Lacquered Straight Soprano Saxophone KGSSL-ES

Kenny’s complete commercial

Kenny’s complete commercial.. Kenny is a natural and very relaxed in front of the camera and people.

Kenny working on acting career

Kenny working on acting career…. Kenny is looking to the future when he is about 95 and does not want to play the soprano saxophone any longer to a budding career as an actor…..

Kenny G Actor

Carolyn and Kenny

Just got some great photos of Carolyn and Kenny
Carolyn & Kenny

Lee owner of Golden Star Vineyards Plays a Kenny G Soprano Sax

Lee owner of Golden Star Vineyards Plays a Kenny G Soprano Sax  Lee has the KGSSLS-ES Silver Plated Body with Lacquered keys Kenny G Soprano Saxophone… He uses it to entertain the clients that come by to do wine tastings at his Gold Star Vineyards.
Lee and Kenny G Soprano