Kenny G Saxes

As of today April 23, 2021 Kenny G saxophones will only be available on and/or from Kenny personally at his concerts when he is able to start touring again….. there are a couple dealers that have some product left and they will be selling these instruments… If you have any questions about a … Read more

Why are the high notes on a saxophone hard?

I have been asked this question for over 50 years now and it is simple…. They aren’t! …. Playing the altissimo on the saxophone is just a matter of hearing the right note and learning how to produce that note….. everyone has their own idea of how to play the altissimo from closing the throat … Read more

“Long Live the Saxophone”!

Again today, I hear people talking about how the saxophone is out…. BS I say!  The saxophone is the last of the wind instruments that can provide the artist with different sounds and approaches to soloing… I must admit I think saxophone players have done themselves and the saxophone a great injustice by all trying … Read more

The Jazz musicians curse:

It seems to be the curse of the Jazz musician that they must criticize all other musicians, the way they play and/or their music….. It seems they spend a lot of time talking about how bad other musicians play or that they do not like their music…. Seems like a big waste of time….. If … Read more

Wilt Chamberlain played tenor saxophone!

Today is the day you should do that thing you always wanted to do and start playing the saxophone…. My friend Wilt Chamberlain started playing the saxophone in his late 50’s… I met him for the first time when he bought a tenor from me….. he took lessons from another friend Lou Malaro and had … Read more

Saxophone Ribbed Construction:

Saxophone Ribbed Construction simply means the post are soldered to a larger rib and then the rib is soldered to the body of the saxophone… This is a very common method of manufacturing since the Selmer company used it on the Mark VI saxophones… The idea being it was that it made the saxophone darker … Read more

Is the saxophone dead in the water?

I have been reading a lot about how the saxophone has run it’s course in pop music….. if so, it had a great run….. I think this is a lot of bull with Kenny G, Dave Koz, Candy Dulfer and so many great saxophonist still at the top of the charts. I believe when the … Read more

Saxophone Single Post Construction

Saxophone Single Post Construction: Single Post Construction simply means the post are soldered directly to the body of the saxophone.  Many of the great saxophones of the past and present are made using the single post… Conn, Buescher, King, Keilwerth and others all used singe post construction… Are there advantages to the single post construction….. … Read more