G-Series Saxophones were a big hit at the NAMM Show 2015
We have signed a new distribution agreement with a Taiwan company to distribute the Kenny G Saxophones worldwide. We will be posting this for dealers soon and when the new production will be available. The NEW US Distributor is:
Kenny G & Rheuben Allen are very happy to announce the complete new line of
G-Series saxophones. These saxophones are designed by Rheuben & Kenny & are manufactured by a Taiwan company. Inspected by Rheuben when they arrive in the US.
The following is a list of NEW model no., Retail Prices & short description of the
NEW G-Series saxophones: These are the models that will be produce after Jan.1, 2015.
KGSSL-GIV G-Series 1 Piece B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone
Retail: $3,795.00 Lacquered Body & Keys
KGSSLS-GIV G-Series 1 Piece B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone
Retail:$3,995.00 Silver Plated Body with Lacquered Keys
KGASL-GIV G-Series E-Flat Alto Saxophone
Retail: $1,995.00 Lacquered Body & Keys
KGASLS-GIV G-Series E-Flat Alto Saxophone
Retail: $2,245.00 Silver Plated Bell, Bow & Neck with Lacquered Keys, Main Body
KGTSL-GIV G-Series B-Flat Tenor Saxophone
Retail: $2,795.00 Lacquered Body & Keys
KGTSLS-GIV G-Series B-Flat Tenor Saxophone
Retail:$2,995.00 Silver Plated Bell, Bow & Neck with Lacquered Keys Main Body
KGBSL-GIV G-Series Low A Baritone Saxophone
Retail: $6,995.00 Lacquered Body & Keys Only!
KGASL-YAS "Young Artist" Series Alto Saxophone
Retail: $ 1,695.00 Lacquered Body & Keys
IN Stock USA *This "Young Artist Series" Alto Saxophone is exclusive to & Kenny G Concert Tours.
As of January 1, 2015 we will no longer product the E-Series saxophones. Our new saxophones will be the G-Series IV saxophones. We have a few E-Series III and E-Series IV saxophones left. They are NEW and will be be putting them up on a page called: "Close Outs" shortly..... They will be priced right and good for inventory on hand only and will be sold "AS IS". We have a few with very minor scratches and they will be on the "B Stock"
Download the Kenny G Play-Along CD "Kenny's Choice" and play along with many of Kenny's Greatest Hits. There is even one song you can play with Kenny. Click below and here Kenny talk about the Play-Along CD
Download - You must download the CD in the time allotted.. then you will receive the passwords to download the sheet music by E-Mail. You will receive the passwords to download the lead sheets usually the same day depending on the time the order was placed.
$ 25.00 USD
Back ground music on the CD: Sax-O-Loco, G Bop, Forever to Love, Brazil, Songbird,
Malibu Dreams, Eastside Jam, Ocean Breeze, Paradise, Sentimental. Plus a bonus track of
Sax-O-Loco were you play a little and then Kenny plays a little....

*For those of you that might know what a Play-Along CD is I will try to explain it to you.
The CD only has the background music so you can play along with the music. We do not provide any of Kenny's solos in the sheet music. The music only has the melodies for E-Flat, B-Flat an C instruments to the song and the chord changes... You must play your own solos... Play-along CD's are to provide you with a chance to play with great back grounds and not to teach you how to play. There are many books that have Kenny's solo transcriptions and if that is what you are looking for then they are available at many music stores and online.
*There are no refunds on the Play-Along CD's you have the CD when you download it and the sheet music when you download it so if you think you might not want this CD. DO NOT PURCHASE IT!


The NEW G-Series saxophone are available in the following finishes only. Sopranos Feature: Lacquered Body and Keys (KGSSL-GIV), Lacquered Keys with a Silver Plated Main Body (KGSSLS-GIV). Altos & Tenors Feature the Lacquered Body & Keys (KGASL-GIV Alto)
(KGTSL-GIV Tenor) and a Lacquered Main Body & Keys with a Silver Plated Bell, Bow & Neck (KGASLS-GIV Alto) (KGTSLS-GIV Tenor)
The G-Series Low A Baritone only comes in a Lacquered Finish.
All the saxophones are hand engraved and beautiful and play great.

If you have any questions please email me Rheuben Allen at:





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