www.kennygsaxophones.com is the official website for Kenny G Saxophones and Accessories.
To purchase the “Kenny’s Choice” Play-Along CD just go to the bottom of this page.  Please read instructions before making a purchase.


*There are a couple companies in China making and selling Kenny G Saxophones claiming they have our permission..  This is not correct they are making these saxophones without our permission selling them and keeping the money.
*If you purchase a Kenny G saxophones and want it to be the real thing then you must purchase it from this website or one of our Official Dealers listed on this site.

*Kenny has been kind enough to offer his name and a special alto saxophone model to the support of the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation.  Kenny believes that all kids should be allowed the chance to play music and is often available to talk to kids about music.
Kenny is on the Board of Advisors of the Rheuben Allen Education Foundation.
Help keep music in schools.