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To purchase the KGSSL-GIV click here…

To purchase the KGSSLS-GIV click here…
The NEW ES Educational Alto Saxophone are here!  MSRP: $1,49500 $995.00
They have a professional style shaped case… very beautiful and easy to carry.
Click here to purchase the Kenny G ES Alto


KGTSCL-GVI This is the new Kennty G 85% Copper, Champagne Finish Tenor Saxophone at the Shanghai Show! We will introduce these saxophones at NAMM in Jan. 2017.


G-Series IV Soprano Saxophones
KGSSL-GIV Lacquered G-Series Straight Soprano Saxophone Retail:  $3,795.00 $2,650.00
KGSSLS-GIV Silver Plated Body w/ Lacquered Keys G-Series Straight Soprano Saxophone Retail: $3,995.00 $2,795.00
G-Series IV Alto Saxophones
KGASL-GIV Lacquered G-Series Alto Saxophone Retail: $2,495.00  $1,695.00
*Photo Page… Click here for more photos of the
KGASL-GIV Lacquered G-Series Alto
KGASLS-GIV Lacquered Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell section and Neck Retail: $2,695.00 $1,850.00
*Photo Page..  More Photos of the G-Series KGASLS-GIV Alto Saxophone
G-Series IV Tenor Saxophones
KGTSL-GIV Lacquered Tenor Saxophone Retail: $2,695.00 $1,850.00
* Photo Page… Click here for more photos of the KGTSL-GIV tenor saxophone
KGTSLS-GIV Lacquer Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell Section & Neck Retail: $2,895.00  $1,995.00
*Photo Page…Click Here for More Photos  KGTSLS-GIV tenor saxophone
G-Series Low A Baritone Saxophone Out of stock
Lacquered Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plater Bell Section & Neck
Retail: $7,295.00  $5,836.00

KG Specials-2
See the Saxophone Liquidation list below. These are new saxophones and just models we will no longer be manufacturing.   Sold while they last.
KGASL-EIV E-Flat Alto Saxophone Lacquered Finish Special Price $1,195.00
KGASLS-EIV E-Flat Alto Saxophone Lacquered Body w/Silver Plated Bell & Neck Special Price $1,295.00

Read more about the New Kenny G ES & GVI Saxophones.

Click here to read more about the Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece:
Click Here to order the KGSS-HRMp1 Power Chamber Now Available on this site!

Dukoff D8 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece $219.00
Hemke Soprano Saxophone Reeds Retail: $21.75 $10.90

Hemke Alto Saxophone Reeds Box of 5 Retail: $24.00 $12.00
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**Update:  The current and last in the series of Kenny G Saxophones are the G-Series.  These are the only models of the Kenny G Saxophones being manufactured and again will be the last in the Kenny G Line of saxophones.  We currently have the G-Series IV saxophones available in a lacquer finish or with a lacquered body and keys and a silver plated neck, bell & bow section. We will introduce shortly the new G-VI 85% copper body with Champagne finish saxophones.  Please continue to check this site for more information on the New G-VI saxophones and check our dealer list on this page to try the new G-Series IV saxophones. Due to the large demand we are currently sold out of the G-Series VI altos & tenors. We should have more stock in early 2016.*There are a couple companies in China making and selling Kenny G Saxophones claiming they have our permission..  This is not correct, they are making these saxophones without our permission, selling them and keeping the money and the quality is not good.
*If you purchase a Kenny G saxophone and want it to be the real thing then you must purchase it from this website or one of our Official Dealers listed on this Kenny G Saxophones

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