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Introducing the new Kenny G Saxophone Strap… available only on

KGSSt-S Standard Length $37.95
KGSSt-L Long $39.95
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Power Chamber Hard Rubber Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece
MSRP: $395.00  MAP:  $295.00

Kenny G Saxophone Mouthpieces made in the USA
To read more about the KGSS-HRMp1 Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Click here..
We are only going to list the artist with numbers… we do not wish to influence you with their names just the sound of the mouthpieces.

Artist No. 1 Playing the Power Chamber Soprano Mouthpiece

Artist No. 1 Playing the Traditional Chamber Soprano Mouthpiece

Artist No. 2 Playing the Traditional Chamber Soprano Mouthpiece
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The NEW KGASL-ES Educational Alto Saxophone are here!
MSRP: $1,49500 $995.00
They have a professional style shaped case… very beautiful and easy to carry.
Click here to purchase the Kenny G ES Alto



  • Kenny G G-Series VI Saxophone Brochure

Champagne Lacquer, 85% Copper B-Flat Soprano Saxophone

Champagne Lacquer, 85% Copper E-Flat Alto Saxophone

Champagne Lacquer, 85% Copper B-Flat Tenor Saxophone

  • Kenny G G-Series IV Brochure

G-Series IV Straight B-Flat Soprano Saxophones
Lacquered G-Series Straight Soprano Saxophone
MSRP  $3,795.00 $2,650.00
Silver Plated Body w/ Lacquered Keys G-Series Straight Soprano Saxophone
MSRP: $3,995.00 $2,795.00
G-Series IV E-Flat Alto Saxophones
Lacquered G-Series Alto Saxophone
MSRP: $2,495.00  $1,695.00
*Photo Page… Click here for more photos of the
KGASL-GIV Lacquered G-Series Alto
Lacquered Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell section and Neck
MSRP $2,695.00 $1,850.00
*Photo Page..  More Photos of the G-Series KGASLS-GIV Alto Saxophone
G-Series IV B-Flat Tenor Saxophones
Lacquered Tenor Saxophone
MSRP: $2,695.00 $1,850.00
* Photo Page… Click here for more photos of the KGTSL-GIV tenor saxophone
Lacquer Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plated Bell Section & Neck
: $2,895.00  $1,995.00
*Photo Page…Click Here for More Photos  KGTSLS-GIV tenor saxophone
G-Series Low A Baritone Saxophone

Lacquered Main Body & Keys w/ Silver Plater Bell Section & Neck
Retail: $7,295.00  $5,836.00

ES-Series Straight B-Flat Soprano Saxophones
Lacquered B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone

Silver Plated Body w/ Lacquered Keys B-Flat Straight Soprano Saxophone

KG Specials-2
See the Saxophone Liquidation list below. These are new saxophones and just models we will no longer be manufacturing.   Sold while they last.
E-Flat Alto Saxophone Lacquered Finish Special Price $1,295.00
E-Flat Alto Saxophone Lacquered Body w/Silver Plated Bell & Neck Special Price $1,495.00


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I would like to personally thank you for visiting the Kenny G Saxophone website.  Kenny & I know you have many choices when looking at new saxophones today and I believe we have some of the most innovative saxophones available.
The G-Series IV soprano is completely unique to the world. Using modern palm key designed combined with the older Mark VI left hand little finger keys.  I designed this soprano and know it not only plays great but is made very well and beautiful.
I have designed many new key improvements on the new GVI saxophones like an easy to use altissimo or front F key, newly designed high F-Sharp and Trill F-Sharp keys for better access and better technique.
Again Kenny & I want to think you for your interest in our saxophones.

Click here to see warranty.

**Update:  The current and last in the series of Kenny G Saxophones are the G-Series & the new ES Series.  These are the only models of the Kenny G Saxophones being manufactured and again will be the last in the Kenny G Line of saxophones.  We currently have the G-Series IV saxophones available in a lacquer finish or with a lacquered body and keys and a silver plated neck, bell & bow section. We will introduce shortly the new G-VI 85% copper body with Champagne finish saxophones.  Please continue to check this site for more information on the New G-VI saxophones and check our dealer list on this page to try the new G-Series IV saxophones.

*There are a couple companies in China making and selling Kenny G Saxophones claiming they have our permission..  This is not correct, they are making these saxophones without our permission, selling them and keeping the money and the quality is not good. We have no protection in China against fraud.
*If you purchase a Kenny G saxophone and want it to be the real thing then you must purchase it from this website or one of our Official Dealers listed on this Kenny G Saxophones

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